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Rostov City Tour

Walking Tour

Availability: any time of the day

Duration: 3 hours


- History of the city of Rostov-on-Don foundation as Temernitsky customs. Monument to the Customs Officer

- Don river. Rostov-on-Don is a five seas port. River station building

- Monument to M.A. Sholokhov. Sculptural compositions of his books characters

- Sculpture "The Rostov woman". Famous Rostovites

- The “singing” fountain

- The monument to Maxim Gorky

- Voroshilovskiy bridge – one of the Rostov symbols

- Rostov-on-Don - "the gate of the Caucasus"

- The left Don bank - the main recreational area of the city. Stadium Rostov Arena

- Monuments to F.F. Ushakov, Ataman Stepan Razin

- Sculptures "Don Batiushka", "Crayfish" and "Fisherman"

- The Green island – a beautiful piece of nature inside of a big city

- Souvenirs shop visit.



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