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Authentic interactive tour “Don Cossack’s life”

(1 or 2 days – optional)

Location: Ust’-Donetsk region (110 km/2 hours 10 min from Rostov-on-Don)

Duration:  from 11 hours to 2 days

Pick-up time: 8 am


- Arrival to Ust’-Donetsk region. Authentic museum visit. Welcome cocktail & snacks;

- Nativity of the Blessed Virgin church visit. Old Cossacks Maidan.

- Horse farm visit. Horse cart / horse riding;

- Don traditional lunch. Local food tasting;

- Authentic interactive game “Don Cossack’s life”;

- Dinner & Don wine tasting;



- Departure back to the hotel;



- Overnight at 3 or 4* hotel followed by 1 day at leisure on the beach (fishing & hunting are available upon request).

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